Electric Repair

We the Solid Future team takes up the repair and replacement of all electrical and Electronic equipments that are find in a home and industry. Our experienced and expertise professionals can fix us all kind of issues within a short duration, let whatever be the level of repairing risk we will take care of it. Beyond repairing service we will comfort you with best practices and tips to keep their appliance working perfectly.

A company depends on electronic equipment to perform their business perfect and accurate. In situation of electronic and electrical failures, most organizations do not wish to shut down their factory to repair the equipment. During these kinds of emergency situations we the Solid Future team comforts you with replacement of defective parts with perfect working parts. After the part is removed we will send it for repair.
electri control panel

Installation / Repair of Control Panels

SFGM has the technical expertise, managerial competence and financial capability to execute projects successfully. Solid Future has the reputation for excellent quality and timely completion of projects. Solid Future highly established and well-known company providing complete Electric Repair & Maintenance of long-lasting and multipurpose Panel Boards, Industrial Panel Boards and Control Panel Boards. These Electrical Panel Boards are manufactured by using refined raw-materials to make it more useful and economical for customers. We offer a wide range of AMF Control Panels to cater the specific needs and requirements of clients. We have complete supply and installation work of automatic change over panels, Power Control Panels for commercial and residential area.


Installation / Replacement of Lights

SFGM provides professional light fitting services for domestic and commercial customers. We provide a variety of light fitting services, including:

  • Decoration lights
  • Garden lights Chandelier lights
  • Replacement/changing of lights
  • Light fittings Additional sockets and power points
  • Outdoor and garden electrical work